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Studs Birman Cat Head 'Bella'

Hand-cut Fimo studs

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Tags    Animals, Cats, Ethnic

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10,00 €

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Don't get confused: if Birman cat Bella had a surname, it would definitely not be Swann. Cats like the twilight alright, but they're not fond of vampires, although they've been known to hunt bats. But I digress: Bella the cat is actually a pair of extra-light stud earrings, which will give you just that touch of exoticism that Edward you-know-who has.

Fashion jewellery studs, photorealist Birman cat earrings made of Fimo polymer clay, 3D-resin finish.

Approximate size:

  • Standard studs : height 1,4 cm x width 1.4 cm. Weight: < 2g / paire.

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