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Ring Beige Tabby Cat Head 'Muffin'

Hand-cut Fimo ring, two sizes available

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Tags    Animals, Cats, Cute

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Seriously, who doesn't like kittens? I mean they're so mega cute! The Muffin cat head rings are no exception: soft, delicate, warm and fuzzy, just like your feline hands (well without the fuzzy bit of course we're not implying you're Big Foot or something). Succomb to kitten love, and make a home for this adorable beige tabby!

As many of our other cat head rings, this one comes in two sizes: small to sprawl, and big you dig. All our rings are adjustable, so when your daughter throws a tantrum because she wants one, too, don't tell her it's too big for her. You'd be lying to a child!

Fashion jewellery ring made of a white Fimo polymer clay cabochon, 3D-varnish finish, and a heart-melting photo of an adorable kitten.

Approximative size:

  • Small ring: 2 cm diameter.
  • Big ring: 3 cm diameter.

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