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Beauty of enamel with zero weight

All our jewels are made of Fimo polymer clay and resin, ultra-light, and hypoallergenic materials. Thus we kill two birds with one stone: we give our jewels a glossy and brilliant porcelain look and we make them ridiculously light. Just imagine: some of our jewels weigh only one tiny gramm per pair!

It's definetely good news for all those who have sensitive ears! What is more, we fabricate everything manually, no heavy industrial glass cabochons made in China! Our cabochons are cut, polished, and varnished with resin manually, one by one. Producing a single item can take up to ten days!

Care is easy: do not use any detergent, just wipe the resined surface with a soft, clean cloth.

All Barking King jewels are unique

All our jewels are carefully hand-crafted and designed according to the current mood. All our jewels are therefore unique.

Unique jewels

Rare items...

As a rule, we make only a few jewels based on a single design at a time. Don't wait too long, or that pretty ring might be already gone!

Of course, all our jewels are hand-crafted individually, just like art works. Yours is therefore necessarily different from your friend's, even if you both got similar models.

... and one-shot items

Some of our designs use natural components, such as flowers or shells that we collected during a romantic stroll or a countryside adventure. Once the flower has been dried and made a part of one of our creations, the jewel is absolutely unique and can never be exactly reproduced. We may be able, of course, to make a jewel based on the same design, but Nature rules, and two flowers are rarely exactly alike.