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Purse Grey European Cat Head 'Misty'

Cute purse

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Tags    Animals, Cats, Blue, Cute, Grey

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  • Cute fashion accessory!
  • The perfect companion to our hand-made jewels.

10,00 €

The item

Meet Misty the cloudy cat. A delicate grey velvet fur, enormous deep blue eyes: Misty is airy, a sky creature who among all cats is the first to the moon, just as you could imagine a young, dashing, dreamy Grizabella. Being her innocent air, though, is a tightly sealed pocket from which no coin will ever escape.

Printed fabric grey european cat head wallet. Velvet back, closed with a robuts fly / zipper.

Good for children: they will no longer lose their pocket money. Besides, this purse is so cute, they'll feel sorry to take anything from its mouth. So parents, please your child, and please yourself too!

Approximate size: 11 cm x 10 cm x 0,7 cm.

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