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Extra-light, hand-made pop & cat-themed jewels

Cat-shaped jewels, customizable photorealist jewels, 3D jewels... all made in France!

Adopt our cat-shaped brooches, rings, and earrings, try our tridimensional jewels, or proudly wear one of our cat-head handbags. Make the perfect gift with our customized jewels made from your own photo! Our ultra-light jewels weigh only a few grams.

100% hand-crafted, 100% French touch jewelry, 100% good-taste kitsch - Barking King, straight from the dog house!

  • Extra-light jewels

    Our resin jewels weigh only a few grams. Hello, sensitive ears!

  • Everybody deserves a gift

    Our jewels are sent in a cute, ready-to-offer gift packaging. Even if it's for you.

  • Secure payment

    For your safety, all transactions are processed by Paypal. No need to register to order!

Barking King Jewels

Straight from the dog house!

At Barking King Jewels, kennels are always open. Paw your way in, and discover our unique hand-made jewels that feature original, French design with a twist. Because we make our jewels out of resin, they're extra-light: sensitive ears, rejoice!

From iteh bitteh kittehs to punkish skulls, from vintage postcards to dried flowers, we explore and push back the boundaries of our creative universe in our earrings, brooches, rings, and hairpins. Join us in!